How To: Send Live Leads video eDMs, build custom recipient lists and schedule follow up

Roughly 50% of dealership leads are converted to a Test Drive.  Only 20% are converted to a Sale.  What is happening with the other 80% of your leads?

AutoPlays Live Leads eDMs are designed to retarget, and remarket to potential customers that have already been, or currently are in contact with your dealership. 

Using your Open or Closed Leads, or Prospect/CRM Follow Up records from AutoPlay, Live Leads allows dealerships to build dynamic video emails through a simple process;
  1. Make sure the listings you want to include on your email have videos
  2. Go to Live Leads, choose the template, Subject Line and message
  3. Pick the listing videos you want to include on the email
  4. Build your recipient list by selecting the types of leads you want to send to.  Options include Date, Source, Campaign, Test Drive, Progress, Status, Makes/Models and more
  5. Choose whether you want to control follow up, or set a threshold to automatically schedule follow up
  6. Preview and send your video Live Leads email to your selected customers
  7. When your customers view the Live Leads eDM jump back into the Results screen and see which recipient viewed which videos, and how many times
  8. Bulk or individually select the recipients you want to schedule follow up on
  9. Create calendar follow ups for recipients with Open Leads or create new leads for recipients with Closed Leads, or Prospect/CRM Follow Up records
  10. Viewed Live Leads follow up calendar events will be created on your Sales Pipeline Dashboard - taking away the hassle out of scheduling follow up
A full detailed 'How To' guide with screenshots and more detailed instructions can be downloaded below.

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