I accidentally deleted my AutoPlay Studio on the Desktop. How can I get it back?

Open up a web browser and type in “automotive.autoplay.co.nz” in the address field.

Alternatively, you can go to http://autoplay.co.nz and click on 'Login' on the top right corner menu. Please choose if you are an Automotive or Real Estate customer.

It will open up an online version of the Studio.

Right-click anywhere in the screen area and select “Install AutoPlay Studio onto this computer”.

In the pop-up box that appears, tick both “Start Menu” and “Desktop”, then click OK. 

This will install the Studio onto your desktop. If you are asked to install Silverlight, click Yes and follow prompts to install it.

Note that AutoPlay Studio will not work on Google Chrome browser or Internet Explorer Edge.
This is because Google has decided not to support many legacy plug-ins on their latest browser. More information can be found here.

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