Why is the AutoPlay iPhone / iPad app running very slowly on my device?

If the AutoPlay App is running slow there are several possible causes of this including pending app updates, slow or unstable internet connection or network/firewall settings.

1.  The first thing to check if your iPad is running the latest version of iOS and AutoPlay Studio HD app. The this can be done from your Settings -> Software Update. For the latest version of the app, you can find it in App Store -> Updates.

2.  The next thing to check is your internet connection.  Check your Wi-Fi connection.  The easiest test is to turn Wi-Fi off and run off 3G/4G if available.  If you have poor internet connection consider upgrading.  Range can also be an issue so move closer to the router - if performance improves then you may want to consider buying an extender to broaden the reach of your Wi-Fi.

3.  If you have no pending updates and have a reasonable internet connection, it could still be an issue within the dealership.  Open up a web browser on your iPad and browse the internet.  If this is slow or drops out also there could be a firewall setting blocking or slowing down traffic from tablet devices (it's more common than you might think!).  If your only experiencing issues within apps then this could also be a firewall setting restricting app traffic specifically.  If an alternate external internet connection is available (i.e 3g/4g or Wi-Fi from a phone or external connection) then jump on and check whether the symptoms persist.  If these issues still occur give AutoPlay a call on (09) 361 1505.

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